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Can't figure out which one you love the most?  Try our 12-Pack Variety Sampler which comes with 4 cans of each flavor: Yuzu, Lychee and Plum.

Made from premium, authentic fruits sourced from Asia. Nothing artificial, ever.

4x Yuzu (4.9% ABV, 12oz)
A fresh, bubbly version of honey citron tea that'll features yuzu's iconic floral aromas and tartness. Proudly made with premium yuzu juice from Japan's Shimane prefecture.

4x Lychee (4.5% ABV, 12oz)
Our homage to a childhood favorite - lychee jelly cups. Enjoy a sweet, aromatic yet tart flavor profile that is unique to this fan favorite fruit. Proudly made with premium lychee nectar from lychees grown in Thailand.

4x Plum (4.8% ABV, 12oz)
We’ve taken maesil-cha and turned it up a notch. Proudly made with real Korean plum syrup, these fruits are first fermented into a sweet, woody, and fragrant syrup before finding its way into our seltzer. 

Best enjoyed cold and paired with mom's home cooking.

Real Fruit Juice • All Natural • Gluten-Free • Vegan • Brewed in USA

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