Asian Americana.

In a can.

The first craft hard seltzer made with premium ingredients sourced directly from Asia.

Born & raised in Brooklyn and filtered for the purest crispness and flavor.

Perfect for nights out in K-town or paired with mom's home cooking.


Live outside NY? Let us know, so we know where to go next!

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Winter Melon.

(and more to come)

Ripe yuzu grown in Shimane-ken, Japan

Made with real, premium fruit.

We've done our homework (old habits die hard). We only use 100% real, natural ingredients imported from Asia - nothing artificial like other seltzers.

A clean, authentic taste.

Each small batch is brewed and filtered with a specialized two-step process to let each flavor to shine the brightest, with less calories and sugar than beers or other beverages.

Made for the community.

We're big on contributing to AAPI causes and community building. Because being there for friends and family, rain or shine, is what we're all about.

Meet Yuzu.

We made a fresh, bubbly version of honey citron tea that'll brighten up any occasion.

Tickle your tastebuds with yuzu's iconic floral aromas and tartness.

Made with fresh yuzu grown in Japan's coastal Shimane Prefecture.

Only 120 calories, 7g sugar, 4 ingredients. 4.9% ABV

Meet Lychee.

Our homage to a childhood favorite - lychee jelly cups. Except this time, you'll actually want to share.

Made with nectar from lychees grown in Southeast Asia.

Only 120 calories, 9g sugar, 5 ingredients. 4.5% ABV

Meet Winter Melon.

We've made the ultimate thirst quencher. Enjoy your favorite boba flavor but with a different kind of bubs.

Made from real pieces of winter melon grown in Taiwan.

Only 120 calories, 8g sugar, 4 ingredients. 4.9% ABV