What is Lunar?

Lunar is our attempt to share the stories of "hyphenated identity" to the rest of the world.  It's our unique blend of experiences, from childhood summers in Asia, parents cutting fruit while we study, to being embarrassed because we're not fluent enough to communicate with our grandparents. Lunar is for those of us who may not feel fully at home in one country, but also aren't sure where we could belong anywhere else. Yet it's our ability to see things from multiple points of view that makes us ultimately resilient, empathetic, and well-rounded.

What is Lunar Hard Seltzer?

We've taken the fruits and flavors that are meaningful to us and authentically infused them into the modern hard seltzer.  Whether it's the sweet and tropical lychees of summertime or the yuzu citron tea that mom made in the winter, we're sharing these flavors with the world. So for those that are familiar, these are authentic and nostaligic, and for newcomers, these are exciting, delicious and approachable.

What makes Lunar different?

Unlike other seltzers and beverages, we use only real fruit juice and premium ingredients sourced from Asia.  We don't use any "natural flavors" or artificially made chemicals or sweeteners - only 100% mom-approved ingredients.

Can I request a flavor?

Definitely - tag us on Instagram in a story and we'll add it to our whiteboard where we're tracking votes 📊

How do you make your hard seltzer?

We personally develop each recipe ourselves - we don't outsource this formulation work like other beverage brands do.  It's a lot of work (we're at 320 unique recipes and counting), but it was important to us to celebrate each flavor as authentically as possible.  After we landed on a recipe we think is delish, we brew a small batch for friends and beta testers.  If we get thumbs up all around, we'll proceed to train our brewers and develop it.

Our seltzer is made without hops and is composed of alcohol that's fermented from corn sugar so it's naturally gluten-free.  We use a unique two-step filtration process to ensure the crispest and freshest flavor, and each batch is hand crafted with only the best ingredients. Some say it's a labor of love - we say it's the least we can do.

Where do your ingredients come from?

We carefully select every single ingredient that goes into our seltzers. We primarily source ingredients directly from Asia and POC-owned businesses - our yuzu is from Japan and our lychee is from Thailand.

How can I contact you?
general: hi@drinklunar.com
press: press@drinklunar.com
sales: sales@drinklunar.com
careers: careers@drinklunar.com
partnerships: partnerships@drinklunar.com