At Lunar, our mission is to celebrate and share the stories and flavors of our heritage.

We started with our favorite fruits from childhood. But we wanted to take this a step further and craft never-seen-before-flavors in the hard seltzer world. Flavors that may be unfamiliar to some, but to us are nostalgic and emblematic of our upbringing and heritage.

We're proud to introduce the Heritage Line which features three limited edition flavors, co-developed by chefs/owners of NYC restaurants Di An Di and 886, and featuring artwork by Brooklyn artist Vanessa Nguyen.

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Experience the full heritage line with 4 cans of each limited edition flavor.

4x Pineapple Cake Hard Seltzer (4.6% ABV, 12oz)
4x Tamarind & Rice Paddy Herb Hard Seltzer (4.4% ABV, 12oz)
4x Mango & Chili Salt Hard Seltzer (4.4% ABV, 12oz)

Real, Organic Fruit Juice • Gluten-Free • Vegan • Brewed in USA

Lunar Hard Seltzer