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    HELLO! Sean & Kevin checking in with an exciting message here.

    For those of you who aren’t familiar with Our Story, we launched Lunar last year to create a piece of Asian Americana in a can—or in other words, a drink that we saw ourselves in and could be proud of as Asian Americans. 

    And while it’s been amazing and incredibly rewarding to see that vision come to life thus far, we felt that it’s been long overdue for us to dedicate more time and energy to share our thoughts and personal stories of Asian Americana and to start a dialogue with you all on the Asian American identity.

    And as fate would have it, May is also Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month (APAHM)! We thought there would be no better time to launch our new content collection—which includes this new blog, Nightcap, among others to come. They will serve as the founders’ platform to tell our anecdotes, perspectives, and learnings on everything else Asian Americana beyond Lunar.

    As a show of our commitment to these dialogues, we wanted to give the entire  collection a refreshing look and feel to it, too. Given APAHM and the celebration of our heritage, the founders and the team were inspired by our parents, all they’ve endured for us, and the foundations of Asian Americana they’ve set. Without them, Asian Americana as we know it does not exist! Thus, we decided to design the look & feel of our content collection around the objects, memories, and locations that represent our parents’ immigrant experiences. 

    So, we’d like to officially invite you for a Nightcap here on this blog and other parts of our content collection for some awesome, heartfelt thoughts, musings, and conversations. They may not be wholly representative of the AAPI community, but we want to contribute our perspectives nonetheless in hopes of encouraging everyone to join in.

    Signing off,
    Sean & Kevin

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