• Which karaoke personality are you?

    KTV. Noraebang. Karaoke. We all know someone who always hogs the mic, frantically reads pinyin lyrics, or is just not that great at singing TBH but we love them anyways for trying their best 🙃

    Now that karaoke spots are reopening in NYC (and being one of Kevin’s favorite pastimes as a wannabe bilingual) we’ve made a handy guide in case you’ve forgotten which karaoke personality you are.

    The wannabe star

    Although you’re not tone deaf, you’re not great at singing outside of the shower, so you make sure to justify not being an amazing singer with excuses throughout the whole song.
    Favorite phrases: “I can usually hit this”
    Last seen: tapping the mic even though it works perfectly fine

    The wannabe bilingual

    Let’s face it, English is your primary language yet you always try to sing songs in another language in an attempt to try to claim a tiny bit more of your heritage
    Last seen: frantically reading pinyin/romanized lyrics on your phone
    Favorite phrases: “this song is way too fast”

    The gambler

    You’re actually just here to play games and drink, aren’t you?
    Favorite move: making sure the place has dice available, ordering rounds of soju for the caps
    Last heard: “you wanna play?”

    The actual singer

    You’re always down to karaoke because you’re damn good at singing and your friends love to hear you.
    Favorite move: not singing anything until the one you selected arrives and you surprise everyone
    Favorite song: any one with a dope high note

    The dancer

    You’re physically here but mentally at the club
    Favorite songs: Wonder Girls’ Nobody, Sensual Seduction
    Last seen: dancing with the karaoke stand

    The proudly tone-deaf

    Courageous and energetic, you’re here for a good time, not because you’re good at it. While borrowing your supportive friends’ ears.
    Favorite song: all of them

    The fanboy/girl

    Why would you sing another artist’s songs when you know the entire discography of [Jay Chou, BTS, Kenshi Yonezu]?
    Favorite phrase: “this is my favorite song”
    Last seen: playing dumb when people ask where their selection is after your fifth Jay Chou song in a row

    The too-sober-for-this

    Either you didn't want to be here or didn't order enough drinks yet. Luckily this can be a temporary state
    Last seen: in the corner seat with a tambourine checking your phone

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